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In Kenya, basket weaving is a great heritage. The 'Kiondo', as the basket..


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In Kenya, basket weaving is a great heritage. The 'Kiondo', as the basket is known, is made purely by hand by women, using the age-old skills transferred from mother to daughter.

Locally harvested sisal is combined with other materials like banana fibre to produce a unique, attractive product. The simple shape and natural feel of the basket makes it a classic fashion accessory for women all over the world.

The sisal weaving takes place by women, who are organised into semi-formal ‘self-help’ groups that can hold anything from 10 to 50 members.  Each woman makes an end product (usually colourful woven baskets), by hand, and from start to finish, except for the leather straps. These are added by local leather craftsmen. The sisal is a locally available plant. Basket weaving is a traditional skill and practised by women.