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beth_wambuaMrs Beth Wambua, Manager

Mrs Beth Wambua has worked with women and rural communities in Kenya for the last 35 years. She has a bias in women in development and the social economic sector. She is an active participant in the fair trade movement which supports rural communities by marketing their products.

She has raised awareness in women in the agricultural sector for over ten years. The main agenda being food production and security in the agricultural sector and cotton production and sunflower as cash crops.

During her work in the agricultural sector, women were actively involved in the sector and through the USAID programme was able to raise democratic awareness and equality in women, freedom of association and expression, and as managers of homes /families in rural Kenya.

From 1986 to date, Mrs Beth Wambua has worked in the production and export of handicrafts that include women groups. The women are organised into groups and registered by the social department in Kenya, this gives them the right of association, assembly and expression of their democratic rights. This work has seen her work with rural communities in Eastern and Western Kenya. The markets the handicrafts are exported to include: Europe, Japan, Canada and USA.

The bags made by over 500 women represent women rights, equal rights, environmental conservation, freedom of association and expression at local and international forums.

Women through fair trade are able to educate both girls and boys equally, women are able to have good health care for their families and have good shelter. Women get respect from their communities and have a sense of dignity through their activities.

By marketing products made by women, she has empowered the women socially and economically and given the communities a right to socio-economic independence that has led them to a right of democracy.

Women need good governance to perform at optimum in the development of their communities. It is therefore imperative that women get the support they so deserve being key pillar of the African communities.

In Kenya, women are trying hard to make it happen in breaking the vicious poverty cycle. These efforts are bound to bear fruit in the development and future of the country and a better world.